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The Long Awaited Sailboat


Scott enjoys hobbies.  I was over the whole “motorcycle” thing, and he had been dreaming of building a small sailboat for a few years.  We compromised and decided if he sold the motorcycle to pay for the kit to build a sailboat, I wouldn’t complain.

He wanted a boat that was large enough to fit the 4 of us, but small enough it didn’t require a full trailer.  Ultimately after a lot of research, he opted to build a Northeastern Dory, and purchased a ‘kit’ from Chesapeake Light Craft.

  • Building a boat is not for the faint of heart.
  • It is not for a novice woodworker (even though you can buy it as a ‘kit.’)
  • Building a boat is not for an impatient person.

Those are my disclaimers.

The end of November 2013, the long awaited kit arrived:

11-26_arrival (6)
Scott immediately got to work gluing (with epoxy) the puzzle piece lengths together:
12-21 (2)

A boat shaped started to take form:
12-28 (14) 1-2 (1)his is a ‘stitch and glue’ build.  Meaning, the wood is a thin plywood, that can bend and you stitch it in place with wire.  While the wires hold the wood together, you then epoxy the wood.  Once the epoxy is dried, you clip the staples / wires and they aren’t visible anymore.
1-2 (7)

The progress wasn’t as ‘visible’ from this point on, until the end.  Lots of meticulous sanding and gluing…  (hence all those clamps!)
1-12-14 (5)_mancaveDSC_6529DSC_6541DSC_6832DSC_9435

Building the seats.  Using a ‘spokeshave’ to get a nice beveled edge on the lip of the seat for added comfort:
DSC_1795 DSC_1798
All complete!  Set sail in May 2014.
Scott worked a little on the boat almost everyday, from January – May.
1948_(8x10) 1905_(5x7) almanor (36) DCIM100SPORT DSC_6968
It really is a lot of fun.  Sailing if there is wind, rowing if it is calm.
We are able to pick the boat up and carry it to the waters edge with 2 people.  I wouldn’t say it is “light” but it is manageable with 2 men.  1 man and 1 woman – it’s pretty heavy.  But, the boys help on my end and we make it work.

LINK:  Chesapeake Light Craft - Northeastern Dory



Scott built this custom bookcase for a specific spot in our house.  Although I don’t have ‘plans’ to offer you, it’s still fun to look at from a design standpoint.

I told him I wanted something that would feel solid at the bottom, without me worrying it might tip over on a child. Aesthetically bottom heavy.  I scoured the internet for something, and nothing caught my eye.

It has adjustable shelves, and wooden drawers.
It’s perfect for the space and for what I was envisioning but couldn’t find.


Material Used:
Wood – Alder with a little Rosewood trim for accents
Stain – Old Masters “Dark Walnut”
Hardware – Home Depot .com



Built-in storage around our fireplace.
living_room_mancaveinvadedWe loved (we have since moved) the storage it offered behind the cupboard doors.  The glass shelving was a nice way to keep the space open as we were afraid dark wood shelving would make the space feel enclosed and too dark.

Cabinetry (visible) - Alder
Cabinetry (inside) – Birch
Fireplace Mantel – Alder
Stain - Minwax “Dark Walnut”
Topcoat – Lacquer (satin finish)
Shelving3/8” annealed glass plate, clear