Research First

Being a woman, and smaller in stature, I am often approached by strangers.  Maybe it has nothing to do with being a woman or being small.  I don't know.  Regardless, people often give me their unsolicited opinion. I do frequent the big home improvement stores.  I love when I find the old retired plumber that works there.  He is very helpful.  … Continue Reading ››

Boat Bed – Years Later

rp_boatbed_2_mancaveinvaded-1024x1024.jpg In 2005, Scott decided he was going to build our boys a "boat bed." There wasn't a pinterest to gather ideas back then.  :) He envisioned it in his mind. He read books on how to bend wood. He read books on how a wooden sailboat is constructed. He bought books about 'sails' and 'knots.' It was a … Continue Reading ››

Clamping Corners

corner_clamp_mancaveinvaded I have a hard time holding all the pieces plus the drill when putting my corner pieces together.  Scott quickly whipped up this clamping jig for me.  Holds all the pieces nice and secure with some clamps so I can use my arm strength for the drill. Yes, you can buy something similar, … Continue Reading ››

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