Where to Buy

Where to Buy Wood

Big Box Stores
The most convenient place to buy wood is probably from your local Home Depot or Lowe’s type of place.  And, its what I (Emily) tend to do.  It’s been milled, it’s ready for me to cut to size and create with.  But, they do have a limited selection.  You’ll find the standards like Oak, Pine, (a little) Alder, birch and poplar.  But, you’ll pay a little more.

Wood Dealer
wood_dealerIf you are wanting anything exotic (or more of a selection than the big boxes), you’ll have to go to a wood dealer.  Which…can be a tad more complicated.  It will be a warehouse type place, but the boards will be roughly milled.  Not consistent lengths or widths.  You’ll probably want to have a planer to be buying from a wood dealer.

It’s really fun to go to a wood dealer warehouse and just walk around.  It smells good, and it’s fun to compare how the woods differ in their natural color & grain.

When buying from a wood dealer, you’ll be buying by the board foot.  A board foot is 12″x12″x1″ thick.  Here’s the new lingo to know.  A 1″ thick board is not called 1″.  It’s call ’4 quarter.’  If your board is 2″ thick, it’s called 8/4 (eight quarter).

Often prices won’t be posted.  I just go to the counter and ask prices then yell them back to Scott as he’s out in the yard selecting wood.  I’m sure they love when women come in…  :)

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