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Air Compressorair_compressor_mancave
If you plan to use any pneumatic nail guns, you’ll need an air compressor.  The portable 6 gallon compressor has been a great solution for us.  It can easily be carried indoors for installing molding projects, and it takes up minimal space in the garage when stored.

Biscuit Joiner
This awesome tool is used to join 2 pieces of wood together.  It is like a mini circular saw with the saw blade on it’s side.  The blade cuts into the wood, leaving an area for a wooden oval shaped ‘biscuit’ to slide in.  You then apply glue to the biscuit and attach the two desired pieces of wood together.  If you plan to make a table top, this is your tool. 

A planer is used to made wood a consistent thickness.  When purchasing rough sawn lumber from a lumber mill, it is ‘roughly’ a size.  Not the smooth uniform stuff you buy from Home Depot or Lowe’s.  It is difficult to use a hand sander and get the same
uniform thickness, thus the planer.
It planer_mancavetakes off more material than a sander.  It shaves the wood off.  You can purchase ‘bench planers’ that can often handle a variety of widths and thicknesses.  You can also purchase a power planer that is portable.  Or, even a hand planer (visit our hand tools section).  They all have their place in the woodshop!

A lathe spins a piece of wood so you can carve and get a symmetrical shape.  The lathe could be used to make anything from bowls to baseball bats, candlesticks to wood pens.  A variety of handheld gouges and scrapers are used to shape the wood.  Most are variable speed.  Relatively inexpensive, and a lot of fun.


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