Metal Tip  If you get out your measuring tape, you may wonder as did I, “If these tools are such ‘high quality’, then why do they wiggle on the end?!”

It has a reason!  If you are GRABBING the edge of the wood to measure verses PUSHING the tape measurer up against a piece of wood.  That metal piece takes up space and makes a difference in your measurement.   It wiggles on purpose, so you can get a more accurate measurement.



Make Your Mark   Marking where to cut seems like a no brainer, right?  Surprisingly, if you mark haphazardly, you will notice your boards aren’t all the same length.  You have to be consistent. Find a method that works for you.  Scott has me trained to mark next to, slightly after, my measurement.  Then, when cutting, I can take off the whole marking line with the saw blade.


One At A Time  You must mark ONE CUT at a time.  If I had a 4′ board, and wanted to cut (4) 8″ boards, I would’ve measured from the end every 8″ and cut away!  And my boards would never be the same size.  You have to take into account that the saw blade is going to eat away some of that wood.
Measure - Cut, Measure - Cut, Measure - Cut
(Yes, it matters, you’ll see…)


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