Once we built a house.  And I mean, truly built a house.

Scott in the beginning tried to convince me that if I’d let him buy the necessary tools, he would be able to create the look we wanted at a fraction of the cost as hiring it out.  I knew it was possible, but I admit, I was a little skeptical.

Skeptical until our first bids started coming in.  My eyes bulged at the figures, and I wondered if we’d be able to have anything besides plywood floors!  That was the clincher, and sealed the deal for Scott to start buying his beloved tools.  We used some of our cash budget to invest in some quality tools – a nice chop saw, a quality table saw, a drill press, a planer, and a router.

In the end, we did everything from framing to roofing, pulling electrical wire, laying the tile and wood floors, stained glass windows, building and installing the cabinetry, and painting.  We didn’t have a lot of money, but we knew we wanted to stretch our budget as far as we could – and not meaning in square footage.
We wanted quality rather than quantity.

We are regular people – probably a lot like you.  We work regular jobs during the day – Scott programs science laboratory equipment, I teach the neighborhood kids piano, and we parent our 2 boys.  Once the kids are home from school and homework is done, where will you find us?  Usually in the garage, working on projects.  We don’t have cable TV, we choose to spend our free time refinishing, building and creating.

The garage you say?  That’s all the space we have to work in.  Although we dream of a “This Old House” Norm Abram barn in the backyard…we know we better keep dreaming.  Everything we’ve created has come out of a single car garage.  It’s possible.

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