Power Drillpower_drill_L
We are all familiar with a handheld power drill.  Some are corded, others are cordless.  The thing worth discussing is the Lithium Ion vs. NiCad operated cordless drills.  (This is referring to the battery source.)  Scott was skeptical of the Lithium Ion drills because they are smaller, lighter weight and don’t look as hefty.  But, after owning the new Lithium Ion, wholeheartedly he can say it’s a great drill.  It’s got plenty of power.


Hammer Drillhammer_drill_mancave_invaded
This may look like a regular drill, don’t be deceived.  It  doesn’t just drill, it’s like having a sledge hammer simultaneously being hit against the back of the drill.  Like in the olden days – how one person would hold the chisel and rotate it a 1/4 turn after each strike of the hammer.  Same deal.  The hammer drill’s mostly used to drill into a rock or concrete surface.


Drill Pressdrill_press_mancaveinvaded
A drill press is set on top of a workbench and is stationary.  Obviously, not portable for smaller projects.  The drill press is one of my favorite power tools.  I can get very accurately drilled holes when I use it.  One feature I especially love is you can set the ‘depth’ for the drilled hole.


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