Clamps are used to hold things secure – perhaps until glue dries.  Or, if you only have 2 hands (ha ha), they can act as your third and hold a board securely while you drill a hole.

Although the man-cave doesn’t have every kind of clamp available on the market today, it has quite an array. And yes, they all have their own purpose.  I used to wonder, how many clamps does one person need?!

Until, I saw Scott building this:
boat_clamps_mancaveinvadedThat’s atleast 42 clamps in this picture alone…

Anywhoo…on with the clamp descriptions.

C clamps come in all sizes.  They also have different “throat depths”.
They are relatively inexpensive, and being made of steel, they last a long time.  They are easy to use, but you will need two hands to do it – one to hold the clamp in place, one hand to spin the cork to tighten it.  Not a big deal.  But, it brings up the reason some people opt for the next clamp…


Bar Clampbar_clamp_mancaveinvaded
There are many kinds of bar clamps out there.  This one is sometimes referred to as a “one handed” bar clamp.  You can squeeze the trigger, and it tightens.  These work well, but they are going to cost double what the C-clamps do.


Spring Clampspring_clamp_mancaveinvaded
These are common as well.  You’ll find them in most stores, even the dollar store and the grocery store.  They have an array of purposes.  Including occasionally holding a bread bag shut in my kitchen.  :)  Beware if they are made of plastic, as they aren’t always quality made.  The metal ones do a nice job and are strong.


Pipe Clamppipe_clamp_mancaveinvaded
These are sold as ‘jaws’ (just the end pieces.)  An individual then buys a piece of threaded pipe, and puts the jaws on the pipe.  Why would anyone opt for this method?  A long 6 foot clamp can be expensive.  Buying the pipe clamp jaws and the pipe separately is a great solution to create a clamp any length you need, for less.  These are often used in cabinetry shops, or for woodworking that requires a clamp longer than your standard bar clamp size.


Parallel Clampparallel_clamp_mancaveinvaded
Parallel clamps are often used in groups of 2 or 4.  For example, you’re putting together a picture frame with mitered corners.  It would be difficult to just clamp one corner at a time and get an accurate joint.


Wood Clampwood_clamp_mancaveinvaded
As you’ll notice with a lot of other clamps, they have one small point of pressure.  This clamp offers ‘even’ pressure for the entire throat depth.  It looks cool.  I will give it that.  And, to get it to work, you have to twist the handles in opposite directions.  Not a very universal clamp, but when it’s needed, it does a great job.


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