Hand Saws

saw_header_2_mancaveinvadedNot all hand saws are created equal.
Yet, if I had to chose 1 single handsaw to own, I would probably pick this one:

Japanese Sawjapanese_saw_2_mancaveinvaded
The Japanese Saw that we have is the Kataba.  It’s a good general purpose, all around saw.  It’s a little bit thicker than some of the other Japanese Saws.   It’s got fine teeth, that cut on the pull stroke, so it’s easy to cut through wood with. It only needs a light, gentle pressure.  And, it’s lightweight.  You don’t normally find these at big box home improvement stores.  But if you venture to a wood store, or online they are easy to find, and not too pricey.


Other types of Hand Saws you may find in the man-cave:

Hack Sawhack_saw_mancaveinvaded
This may be in your “already have” list.  I used to grab this whenever I needed to cut anything – oops.  As you’ll notice  – it has pretty fine teeth.  That makes it difficult to cut a big tree branch with.  You’ll be there for an hour.  It’s more often used to cut plastic (like PVC pipe for a new sprinkler line) or small metal tubing.


Hand Saw hand_saw_mancaveinvaded
“My, what large teeth you have!”
Because of it’s large teeth,  it requires your muscle strength.  But, you can get through most anything with it.  Used for a lot of different projects.  Firewood, 2×4 cuts, tree pruning…you name it.


Buck Sawbuck_saw_mancave
Actually, if I were cutting down a tree, I would use this baby.  Put one person on each end and saw away!




Coping Sawcoping_saw_mancaveinvaded
The coping saw is used for detail woodworking.  The blade is thin, which allows it to maneuver a turn or curve.  This is often used for crown molding.  Lots of people take a shortcut and make a mitered cut for molding.  The detail oriented woodworker wouldn’t do the 45 degree miter.  They would do a ‘coping’ which is another way to join the wood without the joint being as noticeable.


Jab Sawjab_saw_mancave
Used to cut drywall (sheetrock.)  I like to watch Scott use this one.  He places it against the wall, then slams the palm of his hand against the handle and the saw enters the wall.  Then cut away!  Kind of cool.  But it’s purpose is pretty specific.



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