Star Wars Bed


As stated earlier, the boys each made a special request for a specific bed, when they were 3.  Our oldest picked a boat bed.  Our younger picked a Star Wars Ship.

I don’t have many photos of it in the design/build phase.

star_wars_bed (4)_mancave

Scott’s thinking was, he was going for a land-speeder type of ship, but he wanted his own design with a Star Wars feel to it.  He also wanted to make it long enough that our son could grow and still fit in the bed.

The main part of the ship is built out of douglas fir, to help keep it light.  Plywood that was put over the douglas fir, which made it really heavy.  Heavier than we wanted it to be.  (you live and learn) The trim is 1″ angled aluminum.  1/8″ Masonite was glued to the plywood.  Then, 1/4″ Masonite shapes were glued onto the plywood to create some dimension.  He opted for Masonite because it has a really smooth surface, and once painted, it almost looks like metal.  The trim along the mattress is oak, which has held up really well over the last 7 years.  The guns are built from simple PVC pipe, spray painted flat black.  The ship was spray painted a metallic silver.

When we moved, we couldn’t turn a corner in our new house.  It was either get rid of the bed, or cut it in half.  As the move was hard enough on our son, we opted to cut it in half.  :)  Enough tears!  But, this compromised the structure a little, so it now resides on the floor instead of on landing gear…


star_wars_bedroom_mancaveI couldn’t resist some Star Wars vinyl decals up top…