Research First

Being a woman, and smaller in stature, I am often approached by strangers.  Maybe it has nothing to do with being a woman or being small.  I don’t know.  Regardless, people often give me their unsolicited opinion.

I do frequent the big home improvement stores.  I love when I find the old retired plumber that works there.  He is very helpful.  Unfortunately, not all those that work there are a wealth of knowledge.

Yesterday as I was there, I overheard a couple deliberating which stain they ought to use.  Their dog had scratched the surface off their exterior, wooden front door.  They had no knowledge of stains or topcoats – which is fine!  But, to hear the sales lady give her advice made me shudder.  The sales lady told them to put a WAX on their exterior wooden door.  ???  How this would restain it, topcoat it and protect it from not only the dogs claws but the sun I cannot imagine…  They didn’t even question her or question why she would suggest a wax.  They simply took it from her and happily walked to the cash register.  Their happiness won’t last long as they’ll be back next week for try #2.

As much as I love the helpful staff at the big box places, they don’t know everything.  It’s important to research the product you need before you enter.

Don’t buy a water based stain simply because the sales guy notices you have children and says “water based is less toxic – you should use that.”

Hopefully you can find some useful information in our tabs above to that will help you select the product you need for the finish you want!

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