Office Remodel – Closet


Our office has had many remodel phases.
This was the phase of turning the closet into a desk space.

**It’s important to note, you cannot always just remove walls and closets!  You better make darn well sure it isn’t a load bearing wall!**

This was not a load bearing wall, and thus, the header above the closet door was unnecessary in terms of strength to our house.

(My camera was in the repair shop during the demo phase of this project, so iphone photos will have to suffice.)

I realize other people are much more organized than I am.  It is what it is…  The space was not working for me, and my needs.

First up was cleaning out the entire closet.

Next was demo phase…  Took some man power!

After the demo work was complete, it was a matter of re-sheetrocking the areas that needed it.  Adding a nice rounded corner on the side, etc.  I actually left town during this process.  I’m sure it was a pain.  Thanks to Scott for doing all the grunt work.  :)

Then, I returned in time to paint the new walls.
This is Restoration Hardware – Silver Sage color.

Meanwhile, my office looked like this:

Scott built all the cabinets.  Out in the garage…
I helped sand and stain and lacquer all the cabinets and doors.

And, ready for install!

All completed!

Materials Used:
Cabinets – Alder.
Cabinet Stain - “Old Master” - (oil) Special Walnut
Cabinet Top Coat – Lacquer

Countertop – Hickory.
Countertop Stain – “Minwax” (oil-stain) - Ebony
Counter Top Coat - Lacquer.

Wall Color – Silver Sage (restoration hardware)