Boat Bed – Years Later


In 2005, Scott decided he was going to build our boys a “boat bed.”
There wasn’t a pinterest to gather ideas back then.  :)

He envisioned it in his mind.
He read books on how to bend wood.
He read books on how a wooden sailboat is constructed.
He bought books about ‘sails’ and ‘knots.’

It was a months long project.  I didn’t own a nice camera.  Our boys were 18 months and 3 at the time.

I would occasionally go into the garage and snap a picture.



Having lived in an apartment thus far into our marriage, we were both keenly aware that this project needed to be transportable.  Scott took this into consideration and built it so it could come apart.


The boat bed has been with us 2005.  Our 3 year old is now 12.
It’s moved 4 times successfully.  It is solidly built.

I was certain our kids would outgrow it before their pre-teen years.  But, our oldest is determined to sleep in it until he leaves home!

I guess what I am getting at is, how nice it is to have something quality built that has lasted through a lot of bedtimes and imaginary pirate play sessions.


The 2 boys slept in it together for many years.  Until Scott build our younger son the bed he wanted – a Star Wars Speeder.


Although the décor has changed as the boys have matured, the boat remains as steadfast and sturdy as ever. boat bed_mancaveinvaded boat_sails_mancave_invaded boatbed_3_mancave_invaded boatbed_mast_mancaveinvaded boatbed_2_mancaveinvaded