Deck Refinishing

Our house has a great deck off the kitchen.
And…the peeling paint/stain from the previous owners made it an eyesore.

Every time I’d walk on it, I would end up with peeling paint strips stuck to my feet.  It made it through one summer, but we knew we wanted to ENJOY the deck this summer, which required it to be refinished.

Step 1  The boys and I scraped with putty knives real fast and got up the pieces that were ready to flake off on their own.

Step 2  We rented a drum sander from Home Depot.  It took about 2 hours to drum sand the entire floor surface.  Tip – if you have a deck that needs refinishing like ours, don’t get a simple floor sander.  I made that mistake.  It would’ve taken many painful hours to get the deck sanded with the floor sander vs. the drum sander.  Granted, ours was in pretty bad shape to begin with.  The drum sander takes off more material than the floor sander.  I would say the floor sander is more for the finish sanding.

Step 3  After drum sanding, use the floor sander for a finer finish.

Step 4  Sand everything else - the real pain.  The railings weren’t too bad.  The balusters were a huge pain.  I never want to sand and refinish balusters again.  At one point we considered just unscrewing them to sand them, or buy new balusters and put them on.  It was that tedious.  To sand these areas we used a belt sander, a hand sander, and a grinder (with a wood sanding pad).

Step 5  We got out the air compressor and air hosed off all the sawdust.  Our neighbors were loving us by this point.  Inside our house was super dusty, as I’m sure my neighbors got our dust too!

Step 6  Stain.  This was fairly fun as it’s cool to see the transformation.  We opted for an oil based semi transparent stain.  We love it.  We love being able to see the grain in the wood after all our work to make it new again.  We used:

Brand:  PreservaWood (It’s an oil stain and sealer in one.)
Color:  Pacific Redwood